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Drake Cuddle Duck

Have you noticed that bunnies have a LOT of energy? Always bounding around and keeping themselves busy, often getting into mischief. Any wonder kids relate to them. But just like kids, our bunnies LOVE cuddles. In fact they are so good at cuddles they have received honorary Masters Degrees for them. Try them out to see for yourselves.

Cuddle Bunnies

All of our bunnies have received Masters Degrees in cuddling.

Drak has a story to tell

Everyone knows that guinea pigs are gentle and loving creatures. Perhaps they are THE most gentle creatures in the entire world. So they are just perfect for our "cuddle babies" program. Enjoy them nestling you as you hug them and watch how their gorgeous little noses twitch as they eat. Any wonder kids love them.

Gorgeous Guinea Pigs

Not satisfied he couldn't lay eggs, which he says would have ALWAYS been confiscated anyway, Drake knew there was something more to his life. So she set out on a journey to find something more meaningful.


When Drake auditioned for Party Pets 2U we knew right away that we had found a true star and that Drake had finally found meaning in his life. And he just LOVES to share his story.

Parading Party Ponies

Clean and Shiny are our three little ponies

Meet our proud parading party ponies. Winnie, many and Spike.


They just LOVE theme parties. From fairy princess and Western or Hawaiian to Frozen theme parties, they simply LOVE them.

Any theme will keep these parading party ponies pleased!

The gentlest and most affectionate creatures of all.


Yes, they have a sense of humour

Our chooks live a very social life, going to lots of parties and it's a good thing too because bored chooks are prone to gossip. You can hear them chuckling away constantly. Thankfully these chooks have a busy schedule and it's not just laying eggs.

Chuckling Chooks

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