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This is Winston (I call him WINNIE ) WINNIE is a fun loving pony who is up for anything. He loves dress ups, especially fancy dress. He's a classy little fellow. He's very food oriented and will do almost anything for a snack! His cool calm outlook on life makes him a great friend and a Fantastic party pal! 


This is the youngest pony of our team, Spike! Spike is around 8 years old and has been doing pony rides for a few years now. He's a well traveled boy and has been all around Melbourne for your parties! His cute looks and cheerful personality (also very cheeky) makes him a great pony to ride. Spikes favourite theme is Western! 


This is Mandy. Mandy is the most experienced pony on my team. Mandy as well as Winnie  and spike have had years of experience at "Animals on the Move". Mandy is a beautiful pony with the best temperament and is willing to do anything. She loves being ridden and having a good brush with the kids. Mandy's favourite thing about parties is she loves meeting new friends and loves a MY little pony theme. Fittingly, she also likes being a princess pony. Check out her tiara. 


SAY HI TO OUR NEWEST MEMBER! Meet Lovebug. Lovebug is only 3 years old and LOVES to party already. Her cheeky personality makes her always ready for a fun time. Her favourite thing to do is eat her horse cookies we make for her!


Meet Poppy, She doesn't attend any parties or events yet. Poppy is a beautiful girl with a shiny fine coat. She spends her days in the paddocks hanging with the rest of the crew and her boyfriend ( My 16hh horse "Bobby")

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